Malware Is Not Needed For Computer Network Attacks...

Yes, you read it right.

Viruses, malware or any other forms of malicious software are no longer the modus operandi, according to a latest research by LightCyber, to bring down computer networks.

For a long time, it has been viruses and their siblings which can wreak havoc in cyberspace and internal networks. 

Most security professionals, IT managers, are obsessed with known or unknown insidious applications, which can hide in a network undetected for months or even years, collecting data, sniffing bits and bytes and purloining classified information travelling back and forth and literally enjoy a field day anytime they want.

More importantly, some of the tools used by hackers are not malware to begin with. 

They are legitimate applications to help IT professionals manage their networks efficiently and increase productivity.

However, as the saying goes, any seemingly harmless tools can be a weapon, if the person using it intends to cause harm.  A kitchen knife in the hand of a chef can be used to slice produce, create food arts.  But not so if it falls in the wrong hands.

Some of the tools mention in the report are shockingly well-known in the industry...

  • SecureCRT
  • TeamViewer
  • WinVNC
  • and any web browsers...

Are there then no ways to eliminate computer attacks?  Are there no air-tight methods to deflect advancing threats?  Are there no counter-measures to spot malicious intentions before the house is brought down?  

Yes, stay off from the grid.  Don't connect to the internet.  And don't use technology!  

These are plain preposterous!  We can't stay in a cave, can we?!  

But with little tweaks in our everyday habit, coupled with user behaviour, might be the salvation.

Most importantly, don't bury your heads in the sand especially if you are a SME. Talk to you trusted IT partner for a start.