A Confusion To Magic Quadrant...

Ok, first thing first...how many of you have come across vendors and principals throwing out researcher's reports, buried among pages of slides, with square boxes, dotted with..well, dots, which illustrate the product they are peddling to get buy-in of their invincibility?

I can 'see' many hands.

I was recently talking to a client about this on a security product and for crying out loud, these supposedly neutral, non-bias whitepaper, impartial hokeypokey reports can be baffling.

Almost everyone of them has a magic box to sell!  This sometimes leads to confusion for endusers. (Which I think, is quietly the ideal situation each of the security brand wants their prospects to be in).

Here are some quick snippets..

  • Magic Quadrant Digital Guardian as of Jan 2016
  • Magic Quadrant IBM as of Feb 2016
  • Magic Quadrant Sophos as of Feb 2016
  • Magic Quadrant Palo Alto as of May 2016
  • Magic Quadrant MobileIron as of Jun 2016
  • Magic Quadrant Intel Security McAfee as of 2015

You should get the drift...

Don't get me wrong.  This is not to say that cyber security solutions should be chosen less lightly nor are these reports out to befuddle.  The tools for iron-padding IT systems are equally crucial vis-a-vis the money plonk down.

But with so many similarities, how do endusers choose then?

There are many dimensions to all these magic square boxes to spellbound endusers.  If you are keen to be demystified, read more in the link below, it may help clear some smoke...


Don't buy into too much of the hype.  Not appearing at the upper-right box doesn't mean a product is subpar.  It goes the same the other way round.  Do some research, consult your trusted IT partners.